Welcome Note to New Members

A warm welcome from the Captain, Committee and all the members of the club. As you are probably already aware we are a very sociable and friendly club, however we pride ourselves upon maintaining certain standards and these comments may assist you in your early days at the club.

Club/Member Status

The Club is affiliated to the Cheshire Union of Golf Clubs and through them to the English Golf Union, indeed some of our members are life members of both unions. We are a private club, whose home course is a municipal owned course. As a Brackenwood member you are entitled to enter any other competitions throughout the U.K. in which the criteria fits your own handicap amateur status. Whether playing at home or away we expect all members to maintain a high-level of etiquette and dress and to conduct themselves at all times as members of Brackenwood Golf Club.

Club Nights

The club is unique in holding a club night on a Wednesday evening for the purpose of entering your name onto the following Sunday's competition list. It is also a means of imparting information to the members, of generating income for the club and is also for all the members to meet and socialise. In my opinion it is the primary reason why the club has such a wonderful camaraderie among its members. The club and the bar are open from 7.00pm.  The club Captain makes a few announcement at approximately 9.30pm whereupon the results and sweeps from the previous week's competition are announced. The club is also open on a Sunday and we encourage all members to call in after their competition round. You can watch the Sunday Football. Usually snacks can be purchased at very reasonable prices.


New members with a club handicap must provide a handicap certificate from their previous club. Other members must submit three cards marked by a member in order to gain a handicap. Mark the cards 1,2,3. and keep all the cards until you can hand all three to the Match Secretary. Within 30 minutes you will know your handicap. There is a competition every week and also inter-club matches and knock-out events. Our competitions are held over Saturday and Sunday but the primary day is Sunday when the vast majority of the members play. We have a block tee time booking from 7.00am to 10.00am every Sunday. If you wish to play on a Saturday you must make your own tee time arrangements. There is an optional sweep and twos sweep which you can enter in the Pro's Shop at a £1 each. In addition there is a nominal 30p payable which helps with the engraving of trophies. If you have entered the twos sweep and you get a Hole-in-One the club put up the whisky on the following Wednesday Evening. Below are some rules relating to competitions at Brackenwood.

  • It is your responsibility to play off the  correct handicap.
  • Your name must be on the sweeps lists (competition and two's) to be eligible for  a prize
  • A valid receipt for the green fee must be attached to their score card.
  • Please replace all divots, repair pitch marks and rake the bunkers
  • Please keep up with the match in front of you not just ahead of the group behind.
  • Play a provisional ball to avoid delays.
  • When looking for a ball call through immediately or as soon the the group behind appear.
  • If you are unable to make your tee time call the Pro's Shop or your partner.
  • Please arrive at the Pro's Shop at least fifteen minutes before your tee time.
  • Unless ill members must complete the competition.
  • A competition ban will be imposed upon members walking off the course without a legitimate reason

Trophy Display at Brackenwood Golf ClubSocial Nights

Although primarily a golf club we like to arrange events where the members can socialise with their families and friends. The type of events are determined by the Captain but generally consist of race nights, live groups, casino night, disco, karaoke, and possibly a quiz night. There is usually a nominal entry fee but this includes a buffet. Casual dress is usually applicable at these events although the club's dress code rules regarding prohibited items do apply.

Club Hire

The club can be hired by members for private functions e.g. Birthdays parties, anniversaries etc. providing the date is available. The bar will be available if required (not children's parties) and you can either make your own catering arrangements using the club's kitchen or use the club's caterers. There is a nominal charge to cover the cleaning of the club, heating and electricity but the Secretary will supply further information.

Dress Code

The official dress code of the club is a jacket and tie but generally this is relaxed to"smart casual" during March to October. Indeed the Captain also has the discretion to continue to relax the dress into the winter months. Whatever the dress code in force "official" functions e.g. Committee Meetings, Presentation Night and the Annual General Meeting are always jacket and tie.There are however a number of items which are specifically prohibited.

  • Jeans or any trousers, whatever the colour, with metal studs or multiple leg pockets.
  • Trainers or open sandals Shirts without a collar.
  • Collared shirts must not be worn outside trousers.
  • Heavy duty work jackets or overalls, Blussons, even leather, or waterproof golf jackets.
  • Hats of any description (ladies excepted).
  • Any member not complying with the above will be asked to leave the club.


The club's financial year is 1st November to 31st October and subscriptions are due on the 1st November and must be paid by 30th November to remain a member. Those who have not paid cannot enjoy any of the facilities of the club or play in any competitions. However during December their membership can be reinstated by immediately paying the outstanding subscription. After December if it is still unpaid their membership has lapsed. The club has a savings account into which members can pay whatever amounts they like. They can pay a regular monthly amount by standing order or save on a more adhoc or irregular basis. The savings can be for any purpose e.g. Subscriptions, stag outing or the golf contract. See the Treasurer for details.

Private Party or Function coming up?

Then why not use Brackenwood Golf Club for your venue.

As a member you can use the lounge for a small fee which covers the cleaning and heating costs.

  • Catering facilities available.
  • Cheap bar prices.

What more can you ask for?

For further details, contact the Secretary